Swedish Spring Magic

I’ll excuse myself for my overly flattering choice of words here, but the arrival of spring up here in Sweden was something truly magical. This article in DIE ZEIT talkes, in my opinion, a little too close to the surface about the current unrests in some suburbs of Stockholm, but what the author did nail is this: There are winter swedes, and there are summer swedes. Very true that is, and during the last few weeks, the summer swedes were awaking. The magical thing about the whole story is the motivation that was to be felt crisping through  midair, everybody seemed all of a sudden motivated to do everything.

What that ment with my chosen circle of friends was this: We went climbing a whole lot. Basically, a different trip to a different part of the country every week for the last few; a great way to explore! However, since Sweden is still massively big, it also met a lot of driving, in all directions. So we got to see various areas and cliffs and campfire spots around Stockholm, Nyköping, Sundsvall (east coast), and most notably, Bohuslän (the glorious west/wet coast). Now this is what I would call the first proper climbing destination is a sense that there is an entire guide book about it and it offers some the most solid granite I’ve ever touched. And it’s (almost) all trad. So we had to gear up big time, I threw in my nine colorful stoppers and accompanied by Mats’ and Daniel’s roughly 183 camalots and 281 stoppers (plus various other scary-looking tools that you have never heard or dreamt of), we were good to go to tackle some cracks. Jammin’.

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Och solens ljus
och lundens sus
och vågens sorl bland viden
förkunna sommartiden.


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zoe wassireply
21. October 2013 at 7:39

sweden is one of the most beautiful countries i have ever visited though i went in summer but i can understand how good and lively it would be in spring….

5. June 2013 at 9:13

Oh die deutsche Korrektheit, thanks yes, correct. Been to both anyway and you know, names … as long as they have ‘berget’ in them, all is good.

4. June 2013 at 21:59

Actually, the crag near Sundsvall is called Brattberget.
Bistaberget is near Nyköping…

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