Coming to terms with the past, #1: Dolomites

I just finished reading an enjoyable book chapter, talking about things on the likes of networked public spaces, reactive insurgent politics, mass self-communication, and so forth; the author quotes recent statistics showing that a mere 52% of bloggers would post “for themselves”, or what he calls “a form of electronic autism”. Of course, I consider myself being one of those autists and thus comes my mission in the working: Coming to terms with what has actually happened in those lovely summer days, back in Austria (or somewhere close), back in the mountains: so full of adventure, so quickly gone.

This might be due to the fact that the Swedish winter is slowly but surely knocking on my corridor room’s door; it might also be due to the fact that I am seeking some kind of distraction before reading the next book chapter (“entertaining democracy”, by the way); it might also be due to the fact that I really like to keep things complete, which applied for this self-communication blog as well; and those ten days spent in the dolomites last August very well qualify to be worth a post.

A friendly reminder to enjoy life. Just in case.


me admin.

2 thoughts on “Coming to terms with the past, #1: Dolomites

  1. As always Simon, Inspiring photos. You are sure doing a good job at living life.

    -Your pal,

    Dan Sundermeier

    1. Thank you, Mr. Dan. I do try my best, as everyone should – but of course, the job is sometimes a tougher one, commonly not pictured; But, you know, First World Problems …

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