Nepal: Facts

I decide to through out some more pictures as eight are just not enough after all; and since pictures without text look stupid, here are some must-know important facts about wonderful Nepal:

  • Driving on a local bus in Nepal boosts you to the same Adrenaline level as B.A.S.E jumping
  • I am too tall for this country
  • Driving on a local bus in Nepal features about the same survival rate as B.A.S.E jumping
  • You can bargain the price of a beer in about any given restaurant
  • By far the most convenient (and adventurous) way to drive on a local Nepali bus is on its top
  • There are a few things that are available everywhere literally everywhere in Nepal: Coca Cola & Sprite (sometimes Fanta), Mars & Snickers (sometimes Twix), and Pringles (mostly greed and red ones). Tabbed water does not count to those things.
  • Left-hand traffic also accounts for people – and donkeys
  • Never try to save a few rupees on toilet paper – the experience is just not worth it


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