Get Psyched!

Folks, its about time to get excited. Psyched, even. Well, at least for me it is, due to the following graphic:

Imagine those handy orange arrows as stopovers on my account. And for those of you how can’t read maps, try some nouns: Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, Australia / Tasmania, New freaking Zealand. Still not excited? I am!

By the way, for some unknown reasons (probably to create the possibility of increasing my fellow readership from three to five readers) I decided to start blogging in English. Word!

Trip Start: real soon, day after tomorrow. Trip End: May. May-be. Maybe?

I will try to update this blog from time to time to let you know that I’m still (somewhat) alive, maybe even share some impressions; However, updating this blog will not be a priority (manta rays and hammocks are), so the update intervals may become somewhat irregular. But who cares, anyway?

And now, with all respect: Peace out!


me admin.

12 thoughts on “Get Psyched!

    1. danke fuer die blumen; naja, was macht man wohl so in Neuseeland, hmm? mal nachdenken, weiss ich auch noch nicht so genau, aber ich bin positiv gestimmt, dass mir da schon noch was einfaellt. notfalls bleibt mir immer noch ein buch zu lesen; oder so.

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