Challenge Accepted

The thing is: When you do things worth blogging about, you cannot possibly find enough time to blog about those things.

Well that’s what happened; What’s what is happening; But what also happened was that I found a full-time job, quit a full-time job, and thus decided to toss a well-secured and well-ordered life (in what I realized to be on of the most beautiful places on the planet) promptly overboard again. Why?

That’s why: so that I can post some more entries into here. After all, this site is by definition a ‘travel- and adventure’-blog, which naturally requires travels and adventures. And to stick true to (one of) my mantra(s) to live life as a challenge, I will be moving up into the Scandinavian North for two years or so. Why? The better question would be: Why not?!

But seriously, if there is one thing I cannot stand, than it is the feeling of having, some way or another, wasted a day; And if you have corresponding feeling a bit too often, then the only way out is through radical chance of circumstances. Go challenge yourself.

And because you should always attach a picture for a blog entry to shine pretty, here are some sheep:

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