A somewhat irregularly updated travel- and adventure blog featuring sim, on his tours up, down, & around the globe. Besides that, a place for some snapshots he has taken and considers worth sharing onto this very Internet due to its sometimes painful lack of quality pictures. But after all, it has been said, just a personal backup shared with humankind for the not all to unlikely case that all his colorful paper notebooks burst into flames one day. Just weird.

contact: mail [at] s1Mon [dot] at

Some more randomly thrown-out pictures are to be found on this tumblr. Due to peer pressure, Simon cultivates accounts on facebook & twitter; He also does quite some CouchSurfing BeWelcome-ing (he’s published a paper concerning the issue), though on a more voluntarily basis, driven by the convictions that trusting a stranger does actually make the world a better place, one couch at a time. Plus, people say that he likes adventures and embraces uncertainty. Some even go as far as to claim that he has managed the very rare combination of mixing his passion with his professional life through becoming something like an alpine journalist. But who are they to judge. What he doesn’t quite understand though is the instance that he sometimes writes about himself in third person singular. Just weird.

work ‘n such

Yes he knows that. This site is in desperate need of a proper update. Since good thinks tend to take a while, and climbing conditions tend to be good those days, here some essentials while we wait: